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Day 16: Saturday, June 11, 2005


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Home at last!!!!

Our house looks great! The Ganley's did so much work, inside and out. Then we trashed it in 5 minutes.

Then we crashed.


home at last


When we checked in at the airport this morning, already grouchy due to a long lay-over and no sleep, Abby got flagged for a search by security. Only in America. They even searched her diaper. Which was left over from the night since we did not have any. We did eventually find some at the airport - but it was not easy.

We found 2 families, who had also been stranded overnight, at the airport and hung out with them for a while. We said our good-bye's and hoped not to see each other again that day since we were all headed to different destinations - HOME!

Found this article that was all too familar:




Mandy was so happy to see us. Abby is afraid of her. She is also afraid of grass and plush carpet.

Mandy is so happy to get to sleep on her fireplace bed in our room again. She was banned from our room for the past 2 weeks when she jumped into bed with the Ganley's at 5:30am on the first morning and gave Granddad lots of kisses. They said she was a very good girl though. She even showed Tiffany lots of sympathy when she was sick.

We said good-bye to the Ganley's before bed. They are planning to leave during the night. They've been away from home for 15 days. They are anxious to get home as well.

Thanks for all your support over our long "Journey to Abby'. We appreciate you!


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